Dental Monitoring

Palatal Expander Device

A Healthy Smile in Fewer Appointments

Because we know you take your smile with you everywhere and that your time is valuable, we are pleased to provide you with Dental Monitoring as part of your orthodontic treatment.
Dental Monitoring is the revolutionary app that allows Dr. Wass to monitor your treatment between in-office appointments.

What to Expect:

  • Fewer in-person appointments

    But more Check-ins. Instead of going to the practice, Dr. Wass is in touch with you virtually on a regular schedule. No more trouble rushing to the practice!

  • The best level of care, beyond the practice

    Take your app with you wherever you go. Your treatment keeps progressing as Dr. Wass monitors your smile without more in-office appointments.

  • Visualize the evolution of your smile

    There is no better way to be engaged and motivated than regularly seeing the progression of your smile.

  • A secure system

    Your personal information is a priority for your doctor and Dental Monitoring so we use state-of-the-art technology that protects your data.

Get Started Today!

With Dental Monitoring, you submit weekly photos via a smartphone app so Dr. Wass and the team can monitor your treatment progress remotely. Receive text messages from Dr. Wass and our team to improve your orthodontic experience and speed up your treatment!